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The guitarist Gilles Le Bigot, is best known in Brittany as the co-founder of the groups Skolvan and Barzaz. Since the early 1980's his work as guitar-player and composer is characterized by the" open-tuning" style. After having collaborated on several major recordings in the 1990's such as " l'Héritage des Celtes " by Dan Ar Braz , " An Den Kozh Dall " by Barzaz, " Times are Changing " by Skolvan and" Azéliziza " by Le Bagad Kemper, Gilles decides to record his first solo album : Empreintes.



New album!

BARZAZ 1993-2013 BARZAZ reunion!

1st concert in Monterfil (France) 2013/06/13

Empreintes EMPREINTES (2002)
First cd reprint

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